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Doug Bowers
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memories from Doug Bowers:

#10: (This one has a very high BS factor--that would be a "Ben Stout factor", no doubt.) Ben, Bruce, Chris and I playing proms and dances at most of the high schools throughout the tri-county area including St. Francis and University High and realizing we had the best damn class of them all.

#9: The Island Party - Lashing dozens of inner tubes together with a keg 'o' beer inserted firmly in the middle one and floating out into the middle of Cheat Lake. (Having a middle the size of an inner tube so never dreaming of going to Cheat.)

#8: Being a passenger in Mark McIntyre's Camaro - anyone who's shared that experience will know what I'm talking about.

#7: Thinking how cool Fat Daddies must be, then playing there and realizing what a dump it was.

#6: Drunk Brandywine roadie, Mark Thorn, toppling a large speaker cabinet onto a drink laden table at a redneck bar and we being greatly out numbered.

#5: Seeing Genesis perform "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" at Pittsburgh's Syria Mosque and Ben Stout driving us home through a blinding snowstorm. Hey, the stuff really does sharpen your senses!

#4: The Green Demon. (Is this any relation to Kenna's green Hornet?)

#3: Drinking a couple pitchers 'o' grog at Long John Silvers during lunch with John Piribek, Bob Ginsburg and Mark Thorn and missing European History.

#2: Lunching in the auditorium and removing the "C" and "L" from the large "Class Night" hung on the stage backdrop and then hoping that no one would notice until the curtain opened.

#1: Hanging out at the Borden Burger at 3 AM on a weekend night "gooning" on the stoned/drunk college kids.

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...with regards from Mark Hall (as always with a few editorial comments by yours truly).

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From Bob Joseph and Jay Bachar

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The following memories were provided by Andy (Ice) Horton, again with editorial comments.  See if you remember...

Let us know if you have additional memories you'd like to add.

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