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What is "Miscellaneous Stuff?"  It's anything you'd like it to be (within reason now) that I'll get on when I can.  I make no guarantees on how quickly it will appear; being quite the little mother, I have other priorities.  I'll keep your submission anonymous or give you Worldwide Web exposure.   Here's what we have so far:

Message Board and Live Chat Post messages for your former classmates and see if they respond back. And if by some snowball's chance you end up on this page when anyone else is, check out the chat room together...or invite a former classmate to meet you there at a designated time to "talk."
Quiz of a Lifetime Bob Ginsberg's quiz to get you thinking...
Fun Facts School facts, music, movie and TV trivia.
School Snapshots See how the school looks now with Bob Ginsberg's photographic essay.
Go Back to School Visit the MHS website.
My Vanity Page If you dare...If you care...